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KAB Dental Equipment Inc.

KAB Dental is a dental supplies and equipments distributor based in Michigan since its inception in the year 1988. We offer Turn key new dental office project services, new dental equipments sales and services, dental disposables, and even online shopping cart at

We are a member o the UDD (United Dental Dealers) too. KAB Dental derives many benefits from its UDD/ADC association, managed by NDC.

Leasing and Financing
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Other Services

  • Dental Products, Dental Merchandise, Dental Handpiece Repair
  • Intraoral Dental Camera Repair
  • Printers Repair
  • Small Dental Equipment Repair
  • Ultrasonic device repair for : Autoscaler, cavitron Cavijet, Cavitron Bobcat, Cavitron 3000, Cavitron 2002, Parkell all models, Sonitron, Biosonic Whaledent, TPC, Delmarva 2002, Vetroson and many more.
  • Remanufactured Vacuum Pumps & Compressor heads.
  • Dentist Website Designing and Dentist website Search engine promotion
  • Dental Equipment Leasing and Financing service
  • Sell refurbished dental equipment
  • Dental Medical Mobile Van (Rent/Sales)

Some of our advanced tools and equipments:

Owandy USA 3D Cone Beam CT

3D Cone Beam CT We introduce new 3D Cone Beam Panoramic Imaging manufacturer by Owandy USA.

Enjoy the simplicity and functionality of a device that opens up a new world of working comfort and efficiency for you. The tactile, intuitive digital 6th sense technology lets you save precious time. Enjoy the complete compatibility between the QuickVision software and the panoramic unit.

The I-Max Touch interface is the same as in your QuickVision imaging software. All image processing and management features are immediately available.

Owandy USA also manufacture Panoramic Units, Sensors, Camera, X-Ray Units and Imaging Software.

Kab Dental Equipment

Kab Dental

KAB Dental Equipment Inc. offers affordable Dental Equipment, Dental Products, Dental Merchandise, Dental Supplies and dentistry technology products including dental equipment financing and leasing, dental office design, practice management solutions buy Dental Equipment and dental equipment repair Dental Parts services.

For nearly three decades KAB Dental Equipment Inc. has been committed to bringing you the highest quality, best values and largest selection in Dental Supplies, dental equipment supplies, Portable Dental Equipment and dentistry health care products. Ask us about wholesale dental equipment supplies, dental equipment repair services and dental equipment financing and leasing options.

As North America's provider to the dental health care industry, our experienced sales consultants, dental equipment specialists and dental repair service technicians can assist with your dental equipment purchase, installation or repair needs.

Dental Handpieces

Dental HandPieces

Dental Handpieces, including small dental equipment supplies and attachments, replacement turbines, chucks, end caps and accessories.

We have Handpieces Manufacturers like D.B.I. Handpieces, Dentex/Microtech High Speed handpieces, Dentex/Microtech Low Speed handpieces, Dentex/Microtech Spare Parts, IMS Handpieces, NSK handpieces, Star Dental handpieces, Vector handpieces and TPC handpieces.

Dental Equipments & Dental High Technology Equipments

High Tech Equipment KAB Dental Equipment, Inc. offers Dental Equipments & Dental High Technology Equipments Including Intraoral X-Ray, Manufacturer by Acteon, Sota Imaging Claris ACX Intraoral X-Ray Unit, Chicago X-Ray Systems, DENT-X, Flow X-ray, Gendex

Museum of Roentgen X-Ray Tubes, X-Ray Parts, Operatory Packages, Seiler Precision Microscopes, Vacuum Pumps

Dental office furniture

Dental Office Furniture We offer dental office furniture like dental chairs, dental stools, Dental Cabinetry, Dental Cabinets (Mobile) etc.

Dental Chairs, Dental Stools, Dental Cabinetry, Mobile Dental Cabinetry

Dental Chairs

Dental Chairs manufactured by Beaverstate, DCI Equipment, DentalEZ, Dentech Corporation, Engle Dental Systems, Marus Dental International, TPC Advanced Technology, Westar Medical Products, X-Ray Room Exam Chairs, Lesro.

Dental Stools

Dental Stools manufactured by Beaverstate, DentalEZ, Brewer Design, Crown Seating/NAPA Stools, DCI Equipment, Engle, Hager Worldwide, Marus Dental International, ProAdvantage, Seiler, TPC, Westar Stools.

Dental Cabinetry

Dental Cabinetry manufactured by ILS, Dentech, Marus Stellar Cabinetry, Westar Medical Products, Inc., Ortho Cabinets.

Dental Mobile Cabinets

Dental Mobile Cabinets manufactured by Integrated Laminate Systems, TPC, MCC.

Dental X-Ray Equipments

Dental X-Ray Equipment We also supplies in dental x-ray equipments like Refurbished Film Processors which is manufacture by Smith Company, Refurbished X-Ray Equipment manufacture by Soredex, and also deal in x-ray Panoramic equipments manufactured by DENT-X, OwandyUSA, BlueX from Chicago X-Ray, Margraf - Ceph - Wall Mounted, Roentgen X-Ray Tubes.

X-Ray IntraOral Equipments

X-ray Intraoral Whether you want to take fast, high-contrast, wet-film images during endodontic procedures or capture detailed digital images for superior diagnostic capability, X-Ray IntraOral Equipments gives you just the images you need, when you need them.

We have Dental X-Ray IntraOral Equipments Manufactures by Acteon, Sota Imaging Claris ACX Intraoral X-Ray Unit, Chicago X-Ray Systems, DENT-X, Flow X-ray, Museum of Roentgen X-Ray Tubes.

Dentists Choice Cabinets

Dental Cabinetry Manufacturer of Dental Mobile Cabinets, Custom Mobile Carts, Dental Office Interior Design, Integrated Laminate Systems, Moveable Storage Carts Consulting Space Layout, dental surgery cabinetry and Dental office furniture design. We also manufacture Sterilization Centers, Labs, and Reception Front Desks.

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